Grand Bleu 

充滿大自然氣息的心靈樂園Grand Bleu Chapel藍色海洋教堂, 集合沖繩山原的大海、藍天、太陽、森林, 以360度概念打做的全玻璃教堂, 以『圓』作為設計理念, 像徵著結婚戒指, 也像徵著2人新生活的開始, 在潔白無瑕的空間, 一望無盡的水平線及廣闊無邊的藍天, 走進教堂的大門, 在陽光與天使的降臨下許下愛的誓言。...Read more

2 Diamond Ocean

以鑽石形狀而建成的DIAMOND OCEAN , 採用了360°的大面落地玻璃, 充滿開放感, 座落於小高丘上 , 加上鑽石般閃耀的海洋全景及壯闊的藍天、在此處許下永遠摯愛對方的誓言。...Read more

IMG 7757 Monterey Lumer

 被優美的自然所擁抱,純白神聖的 Monterey Lumer Church 坐落於沖繩恩納  村,具  有現代英式建築的典雅風味,將古典氣氛溶合現代純白貴族的外觀,給予  高貴的印象。  教堂內以白色的大理石配以落地玻璃,正面及兩旁都能欣賞湛藍色  的海洋,在能眺望海  景的環境下實現兩人的夢想。...Read more

DSC3847 Lazor Garden Alivila

 Devoted its top class hosppotality to a special place, the Lazor Garden Alicila.
 We provide the bride and groom and all their guests with the satisfaction of  top  class service.
 The long-awaited grand opening is in March 2011.
 Lazor Garden Alivila
 Lazor- a place for talking vows, named for "laso"(bonds) and "amor"(love)...Read  more

IMG 0102 h Renaissance Ribera Church

 Renaissance Ribera stands alone at the projected point of cape, provides wide  scenery as if the chapel itself floats on the glittering water.  With its  transparent design, you will be able to see the endless emerald green ocean  outside.  Inside the chapel there is a huge cross embossed on the glass wall,  where the bride and the groom can pledge to each other at the altar of the  sea...Read more

 Kanucha Stelar Church

 Kanucha Chapel locates at the Northern part of the Okinawa Main Island. The  chapel features a Southern European theme and has an all white inner  design. Chapel is decorated with white marble bridal walk and colorful stained  glass. Natural lights are able to shine in. Walk towards the endless ocean as  Husband and Wife as if the nature itself is sending you their blessings. Enjoy  your very own private wedding on this magical land...Read more

6U7A4235z Okuma Felicia Chapel

 Okuma Felicia Chapel locates at the north side of the Okinawa Main Island. It  features a  fully glass made chapel design where sun shines through and  starlight are seen during  your ceremony. With the marine blue ocean and  sparkling white sand, it sets a  wonderful stage for your wedding...Read more

Img20713 Alivila Glory Church

 The word “Alivila” is the Spanish word for “huge villa”.  The church is white in  color with a reddish roof top and can hold up to 100 people.  Built with a high  ceiling where music runs through the whole venue. You can ring your  wedding bell on the patio where the ocean seems endless...Read more